Your Residential Care & Community Medication Packing Specialists!

At Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy, we are dedicated to the provision of excellent pharmaceutical service to residential care facilities in the Melbourne Metropolitan area.  Our aim is to have happy residents, families, facilities and staff.  We aim to provide medication safely, efficiently and in a timely manner so as residents can be given the best possible care.

Residential Care Services

*  Pharmacists and Technicians dedicated to servicing your residential care facility (ensuring one-on-one personalised contact with a staff member that knows and understands your individual facilities needs).

*  We have a dedicated, state-of-the-art work space purely for our residential care business.

*  Our pharmacists review the medication charts and visit nursing homes regularly (always have pharmacy presence and support for nursing home).

*  Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy has 24/7 on call support service and the ability to set up imprest systems, if facilities choose to have one.

*  We support local businesses, community charity groups and local schools with fundraising.

*  Our Pharmacy takes pride in having strong professional relationships with Doctors.

*  Our friendly delivery staff visit the Residential Care Facility every day.

Why Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy is a great choice for managing medication at your facility: 

Why choose us?

*  pack antibiotics, warfarin and short term medication orders in a medication roll (using the one system for all types of medication orders)

*   pack Schedule 8 (Controlled) Drugs in sachets with regular medication. 

We can:

1.  24/7 Service, with on call phone number for assistance and advice by a Pharmacist at any time.

2.  Prompt medication changes.  Unlike most pharmacies, we have invested in the technology ourselves, which allows us quick turnaround time for changes compared to many pharmacies who outsource the packing of medication sachets.

3.   Medication trolleys provided (if required, under contract arrangement).  Manufacturing the medication sachets ourselves, we are able to tailor their format, with what information is printed on them, to your individual needs.

4.  Emergency delivery service for any urgent medication orders outside the standard delivery runs.

5.  Education and training according to facility needs.

6.  Ability to do full service of medication requirements for your facility:  including Medication Reviews and Quality Use of Medicines (QUM).

7.  We can provide medication charts and signing sheets along with the medication sachets.   

Other Benefits of Partnering with Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy:

Packed in flexible cellophane, sachets are easier to handle and open with much less strain on wrists and hands.  You are also able to crush medications in the sachet, meaning less handling and no chance of cross contamination of medications.

Easier, less handling

Flexible software allows almost unlimited tailoring in the formatting of sachets depending on Ward, Facility or Community preferences.  

Greater Flexibility

Not only is it easier to confirm the contents of a sachet but the well sized, easy to read descriptions mean they are faster and easier to check and distribute.

Faster, Easier to Check

Packed more accurately

Sachets packed on any Meditec system are expected to be >99% accurate.  Unlike manual methods, this high rate of accuracy is a result of medication being packed through an automated, repeatable process which has been proven the world over.

Speak to us today about your medication packaging.

Sachets can also be provided with various signing sheets. Ranging from a 'Packed Signing Sheet' to a 'Medication Image Reference Page' which uses pictures to show the packed tablets, the options are numerous.

Use by hundreds of residential care facilities across Australia, these signing sheets have been refined over many years and receive strong, positive feedback.

One option for distributing sachets in a residential care facility is to keep them in a locked trolley.  Under this approach, the sachets are kept in containers in a trolley and pushed around at each dose time.  A second option, is where sachets are kept in a locked room and at the next dose time, is taken for each round.  Under this approach, wall mounted units hold the sachets and trays are used for their circulation.

There are several ways in which medication sachets can be presented for use in facility, allowing the whole medication system to be tailored to the specific needs or wants of a facility.  

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