Your Residential Care & Community Medication Packing Specialists!

At Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy, we are dedicated to the provision of excellent pharmaceutical service to local community.  We aim to provide medication safely, efficientyl and in a timely manner so our patients can be given the best possible care.

Medication Sachet Packing

1.  Prompt medication changes.  We have invested in the technology onsite, which allows us quick turnaround time for changes compared to many pharmacies who outsource the packing of medication sachets.

2.  We manufacture the sachets ourselves.  This allows us to tailor the format and information printed on them to suit individual needs of our patients.

3.  Optional delivery service available for patients unable to attend the pharmacy.

4.  The pharmacy liase directly with your Doctor for prescriptions and medication changes.  This means accurate transfer of information.

5.  The boxes we provide will hold a weeks worth of medication and allow for easy dispensing of medication at the appropriate time.  Digital solutions are also becoming available.  They can remind you when to take the next sachet or communicate via a SIM card to nomimnated people to help monitor the use of medications.  This can be especially beneficial where carer's and support people can't attend physically every day but make a phone call and be assisted over the phone.

Benefits of using Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy 

At Wattle Park Amcal Pharmacy, the process of packing medications into sachets is remarkably simple and based on proven technology that is incredibly accurate allowing us to provide you the following benefits:

Packed in flexible cellophane, sachets are easier to handle and open with much less strain on wrists and hands.  You are also able to crush medications in the sachet, meaning less handling, less mess, less chance of contamination and more hygienic.

  • Easier, less handling

Not only is it easier for the pharmacist to confirm the contents of a sachet size, but the sachet size and clear print also makes it easier for patients and carers to see the contents and read descriptions.  

  • Faster, Easier to Check

  • Packed more accurately

Sachets packed on any Meditec system are expected to be >99% accurate.  Unlike manual methods, this high rate of accuracy is a result of medication being packed through an automated, repeatable process which has been proven the world over.

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